Queryable Databases Will Unlock the Cookieless Future

cookieless future

Cookies have historically been used for identity, allowing platform-to-platform communication via a cookie sync and bouncing data off of a browser. With cookie deprecation, brands and their platforms will now have to communicate with first-party data to deliver targeted advertising. Because this data is much more sensitive than the third-party data used with cookies, it […]

MadTech’s Take on CES Trends

CES logo_small

CES is always a bit of a spectacle with the advertising industry descending on Las Vegas for a week to kick off the year. This year there was a sense of urgency underlying all of the meetings, parties, and content sessions. The ad industry is preparing for cookie deprecation in a major way and that […]

First-party Data Needs High Frequency Data Infrastructure


The ad industry is currently looking for the best path forward into the post-cookie era. Many companies are still looking for a quick fix to solve the issue of cookie deprecation. Whether it’s a new product or strategic shift, they want to find the missing link between this era and the next one, so that […]

We’re Dropping Our Maiden Name


We’ve been busy over the past 6 months- working on various customer projects, participating in key industry events, and doing a lot of listening and learning. In the background, we’ve also been working through our company rebrand. Our rebrand is more than an updated logo and color palette change. For us, the rebrand represents our […]